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Pickled onions with thyme

TASTES of EMILIA personalised Box

Nel periodo natalizio, vi suggeriamo, dato l’intenso traffico delle spedizioni,  per ricevere in tempo i vostri prodotti/doni regalo, di ordinateli prima del 15 Dicembre.

Let yourself be led by your senses and compose your own TASTES of EMILIA BOX, choosing from the gourmet products / combinations that we have selected for you. All our local artisan producers follow in the footsteps of tradition and work their raw materials as they have been worked for centuries, respecting natural production time periods and seasonal quantities. In the Box you can order a minimum of 3 products and a maximum of 12.

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Boretto Pickled Onions in Traditional Balsamic DOP Vinegar

The sweet and sour flavor, which is conferred by our Traditional Balsamic Vinegar DOP, makes Balsamic Onion Pickles an excellent combination.

The Borettana Onion, a humble bulb rich in flavor and a source of health benefits, is a testament to the popularity of this recipe, typical of Emilian homes and its connection with tradition.

These pickles are the perfect accompaniment to meat and cheese, balancing out bolder flavors, and are also great as an appetizer.

The Boretto Pickled Onions in Traditional Balsamic DOP Vinegar, a heirloom variety coming from the flat farmland of Boretto, in theEmilia Romagna, region near the Pó is rich in flavour, nutrients and history.

Every Emilian home had a version of this recipe and our Boretto Pickled Onions is testimony to this tradition.

Our Lobster label Traditional Balsamic vinegar DOP gives this classic recipe a sweet and sour experience.

It is a perfect accompaniment to meats and cheeses providing an excellent counterbalancing effect to dishes with strong flavours. Wonderful also alone as an antipasto.


Boretto Pickled Onions in White Thyme Vinegar

Boretto Pickled Onions in White Thyme Vinegar, a heirloom variety coming from the flat farmland of Boretto, in the Reggio Emilia region near the Pó is rich in flavour, nutrients and history. Every Emilian home had a version of this recipe and our Boretto Pickled Onions is testimony to this tradition. The Thyme gives this classic recipe a touch of the particular on a connoisseur’s palate. It is a perfect accompaniment to meat, fish and cheese balancing with more pronounced flavours. Wonderful as an antipasto


White wine vinegar 250ml

Our white wine vinegar is obtained from concentrated grape must from Spergola and Trebbiano grape varieties, mixed with mature white wine vinegar.

A strong aroma and pronounced acidity, the amber color allows you to keep the original color of your dish. A superb accompaniment to raw vegetables like ‘pinzimonio’ with a good olive oil, salt and pepper, and also excellent for marinating fish and white meats.

100% Artisan Product, with no added sugars.


Box Balsamic Vinegar Reggio Emilia LOBSTER 100ml DOP

This Box LOBSTER label of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia DOP comes in an elegant tulip shaped 100ml glass bottle and is accompanied by a glass dispenser and cork stopper.

Wooden barrel aged for a minimum of 12 years, this balsamic vinegar has been cared for by skilled artisans through the passing of the seasons, according to the strict principals of the balsamic making heritage.

The Traditional Balsamic Vinegar DOP (Declaration of Protected Origin) of Reggio Emilia LOBSTER label is perfect for enhancing carpaccio, crudité and mixed salads thanks to its delicate flavour and characteristic low acidity. Ideal for adding to a shellfish marinade or raw fish, or to grilled and roasted white and red meats.

It is also suitable for adding as a final touch to game and stocks.

Medium-thick black in color, full-bodied and sensual, it lends balance and softness to a meal with it’s rich, intense aroma.


Organic EVO Oil

Extra virgin olive oil of superior material obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means. Produced exclusively from the olive groves of the Associated Farms.

A good and healthy food to season and enrich everyday dishes.


Balsamic Seasoning Riserva Giareto

Bottiglia da 250 ml

Our GIARETO Balsamic seasoning “Riserva” line is of the highest quality and is characterized by a light and fresh flavor, releasing a pronounced volatile acidity; a slightly aggressive taste is perceived on the palate. It is the youngest and least aged product of the “reserve” line.

Suitable for enriching carpaccio, pinzimoni and fresh salads and misticanze. It can be added at the end of cooking to flavor shellfish dishes, chicken breasts and red meats.

Available for purchase in 100ml and 250ml old pharmacy glass bottles.


Dark Chocolate 70%Cacao from BottegaBroletto

Artisan Extra Dark Chocolate with 70% cocoa from Bottega Broletto. Unique and original since 1946


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• Tappo versatore in plastica raccolta plasticaLDPE04

• Tappo in plastica PP05 raccolta plastica

• Capsula C/PVC90 raccolta plastica

• Bottiglia in vetro GL70 raccolta vetro

• Etichetta PAP22 raccolta carta

• Tubo portabottiglia raccolta carta.

• Tappo sughero raccolta organico

• Tappo dosatore raccolta plastica.


Our TASTES of EMILIA personalised boxes are available when ingredients are freshest and of optimum quality from Octobrer to May.

From the moment of order to delivery, please allow on average, two working days. Delivery by courier.

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