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Condiment Riserva

Our condiments are produced with the same Traditional Balsamic Vinegar method using raw materials of the highest quality and 100% natural, exposed to various wooden barrels that release their natural aromas and without the addition of sugars, colouring, preservatives or sulphites.

Our RESERVA condiments take their names from historic locales in Montericco. Depending on the variety, density or type of aging, they are suitable for various combinations in raw and cooked dishes. They are available packaged or unpackaged in 100ml or 250ml.

The BOTTI condiments are a simpler product, made as always from the grape must typical of the Reggio Emilia region and mixed with wine vinegar according to three different aging processes. Available in bottles of 250ml.

Finally, our &BIANCO is a also a product of grape must and wine vinegar with a sweet tanginess. Available in bottles of 250ml. BIANCO with organic Thyme also available.