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Our Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia (DOP) is the result of time and nature intertwined. Cooked grape must embarks on a long slow fermentation for no less than 12 years, and undergoes cycles of oxidation and natural aging as the vinegar journeys from wooden barrel to wooden barrel. Drawing from the aromas of various hardwoods, such as Oak, Chestnut, Mulberry, Cherry, Ash, Robinia and Juniper, these cycles permit the creation of distinctive flavour and taste over time. Production adheres to the rigorous regulations set by the ABTRE (Reggio Emilia Consortium of Traditional Balsamic Vinegars) for the three labels we produce, Lobster, Silver and Gold. With the perfect balance of aroma and taste, our products are reserved for true connoisseurs of the culinary experience. These labels are sold in 100ml bottles carrying the trademark of Protected Designation of Origin, (DOP Denominazione di Origine Protetta) permitting that they are produced only here in this area.


Of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia

To certify the quality of Traditional balsamic vinegar of Reggio Emilia according to the 1000 year tradition that it has evolved from, the Controlled Designation of Origin was established in 1987.

This ensures that the vinegars bearing this stamp DOC have followed rigid production criteria according to technical scientific guidelines and quality tested by a tasting commission, overseen by the Protection Consortium of Producers.