Boretto Pickled Onions in Traditional Balsamic DOP Vinegar


The sweet and sour flavor, which is conferred by our Traditional Balsamic Vinegar DOP, makes Balsamic Onion Pickles an excellent combination.

The Borettana Onion, a humble bulb rich in flavor and a source of health benefits, is a testament to the popularity of this recipe, typical of Emilian homes and its connection with tradition.

These pickles are the perfect accompaniment to meat and cheese, balancing out bolder flavors, and are also great as an appetizer.

The Boretto Pickled Onions in Traditional Balsamic DOP Vinegar, a heirloom variety coming from the flat farmland of Boretto, in theEmilia Romagna, region near the Pó is rich in flavour, nutrients and history.

Every Emilian home had a version of this recipe and our Boretto Pickled Onions is testimony to this tradition.

Our Lobster label Traditional Balsamic vinegar DOP gives this classic recipe a sweet and sour experience.

It is a perfect accompaniment to meats and cheeses providing an excellent counterbalancing effect to dishes with strong flavours. Wonderful also alone as an antipasto.


The Favilla farm in Reggio Emilia grows these Boretto onions, a local heirloom variety, white in color, with a squashed appearance and sweet tasting character. Pickled and bottled in Montericco white thyme vinegar the product is 100% NATURAL, with no added coloring or preservatives.

Before opening store in dry and cool place. After opening store in the fridge at 4°C and consume within several days. Comes in 370g jars.

Ingredients: Boretto onions, sunflower oil, white wine vinegar, DOP Traditional Balsamic vinegar from Reggio Emilia Lobster label.

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