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Boretto Pickled Onions in White Thyme Vinegar

Boretto Pickled Onions in White Thyme Vinegar, a heirloom variety coming from the flat farmland of Boretto, in the Reggio Emilia region near the Pó is rich in flavour, nutrients and history. Every Emilian home had a version of this recipe and our Boretto Pickled Onions is testimony to this tradition. The Thyme gives this classic recipe a touch of the particular on a connoisseur’s palate. It is a perfect accompaniment to meat, fish and cheese balancing with more pronounced flavours. Wonderful as an antipasto


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The Favilla farm in Reggio Emilia grows these Boretto onions, a local heirloom variety, white in color, with a squashed appearance and sweet tasting character. Pickled and bottled in Montericco white thyme vinegar the product is 100% NATURAL, with no added coloring or preservatives.

Before opening store in dry and cool place. After opening store in the fridge at 4°C and consume within several days. Comes in 370g jars.

Ingredients: Boretto onions, sunflower oil, sugar, salt, Thyme infused white wine vinegar.

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