Balsamic Triptych Gift Box


LOBSTER (aged for a minimum of 12 years) has the most acidity with a strong and decisive aroma. It can be cooked for a brief period to enhance dips and sauces or used to marinate and dress fresh vegetables.

SILVER (aged between 12 and 25 years) has an intense, rich aroma with a tangy sweetness, enhancing both sweet and savory dishes. Ideal to accompany boiled meats, fish dishes and aged cheeses like our very own Parmigiano Reggiano.

GOLD Extra Old (aged for more than 25 years) like all good things matured with time is the most aromatic and complex in flavor.

You will smell the history in the ample, full bodied bouquet and feel transported to another time.

Its unique and distinctive taste is unrepeatable and it must be used pure, uncontaminated and unadulterated, for sweet or savory dishes. Exquisite on raw or cooked fruit, on gelato or creme desserts and a few drops taken merely alone, are a true elixir for life! 



The GOLD, SILVER and LOBSTER TRIPTYCH is our premium collection. The three labels of the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia are elegantly boxed together in 100ml bottles with glass dispensers and cork stoppers.

Ingredients: cooked grape must from the territory of Reggio Emilia, aged according to consortium regulations and tradition in wooden barrels of alternating sizes and composition. 

A collection for someone who appreciates that the best things in life take time.


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Weight 1,455 kg
Dimensions 29 × 23 × 10 cm