Personalized Gift Box with Balsamic Vinegar (Royal) TASTES of EMILIA


Create your Personalized Gift Box with Vinegar by selecting from the gourmet products/pairings we have selected for you, and let your senses guide you. The box includes 3 to 6 products.

You can choose from our selection of traditional Balsamic Vinegars and pair it with Parmigiano, a wine suitable for gastronomic pairings of the Emilian tradition, choosing between Spergola Spumante, Pinot Brut Spumante, or the Classic Brut Rosè Sparkling Wine by Sgavetta.

If you want to make your box even more special, you can add our handmade Croccante…it will be a showstopper.

In the box, you can select a minimum of 3 products and a maximum of 6.

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The Personalized Gift Box with Royal Balsamic Vinegar is available for purchase year-round, except if you choose to include Panettone, which is only available for sale from late October to February due to freshness and softness considerations.

Please note that from the time of order, it will take two business days for the courier to ship to the delivery address.


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Dimensions 30 × 15 × 8 cm