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Castello Reserve Vinegar 250ml

Castello Reserve Vinegar 250ml

30,00  Vat non included

Our Castello RESERVE vinegar is the oldest, densest and sweetest of the Reserve vinegar collection, naturally rich in aroma and taste and suitable for cheese platters, rice dishes and soft puddings. We do not recommend cooking it.

Made with same passion that produces our Traditional Balsamic Vinegar DOP of Reggio Emilia, with grape must exclusively from surrounding territory, fermented and concentrated through evaporation. Traditionally aged in oak, chestnut, cherry, mulberry and juniper wood barrels.


Artisanal product of the highest quality, 100% NATURAL, without added coloring, preservatives or sugar.

Presents in 100 ml  and 250 ml apothecary glass bottles with accompanying ceramic pouring cap and cork stoppers.

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Weight 0.59 kg
Dimensions 17 × 9 × 9 cm
Variabile millilitri
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