Balsamic Favor with sugared almonds

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Our precious ambrosia is a perfect guest gift for your special occasion. This noble product of longstanding culture and tradition bears witness on your special day and beyond. We make “Gift Favors” of various types, for various occasions such as Weddings, Baptisms, Confirmations, Communions or prestigious corporate events. All customizable and all lovingly made by hand.

For your JUTE party favour, we recommend our dense and sweet “CASTELLO” vinegar, the most aged of the “RESERVE” range and made following the same procedure as our Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of RE.

Our “CASTELLO” vinegar is inserted inside a cotton linen jute bag with a drawstring and closed with a flower and tag.

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We can customise party favours according to your special occasion. This jute wrapped party favour includes our aged vinegar in 50ml cork capped, apothecary bottles, and you have the possibility to personalize the wax stamp or label with your own initials, names or gift card. You may also change the fabric or fabric color and have sugared almonds added. Please send an email if you want your party favour customized.


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