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The HAPPY MOOD Gift Thoughts

The HAPPY MOOD Gift Thoughts are designed to surprise and delight, diving into the special sweetness of each individual artisan chocolate by pairing it with our unusual balsamic condiment.

* Our CASTELLO Balsamic, dense and sweet, made like our Tadizionale DOP
* Chocolates/pralines in assorted flavours from Pasticceria Incerti of R.E.

Sweet treats eaten and savoured together, in small, addictive pieces.


• in Italia sopra i €50
• in Europa sopra i €150

I tempi di spedizione variano a seconda della regione. Controlla la pagina FAQ

Esegui la raccolta differenziata seguendo le regole del propio comune.

I materiali che usiamo sono:

• Tappo versatore in plastica raccolta plasticaLDPE04

• Tappo in plastica PP05 raccolta plastica

• Capsula C/PVC90 raccolta plastica

• Bottiglia in vetro GL70 raccolta vetro

• Etichetta PAP22 raccolta carta

• Tubo portabottiglia raccolta carta.

• Tappo sughero raccolta organico

• Tappo dosatore raccolta plastica.


Handmade products of the highest quality, placed inside a small box that once opened you can’t wait to taste.
Our high quality condiment is 100% NATURAL, containing no colouring agents, thickeners or preservatives.
The handcrafted assorted chocolates of Pasticceria Incerti of Reggio Emilia.

Immersed in ingredients and fragrances of the highest quality, they share their passion for chocolate with our loyal customers. They are master chocolatiers.

The Pensiero Regalo Happy Mood is available from October to April, while stocks last.

Additional information

Weight 0,500 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 3 cm