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What flavour! …and what sweetness this Saba!

Saba is a condiment obtained by cooking, over direct heat and at low temperature (about 60°C), the fresh must of typical Emilian grapes, for several hours, until a reduced and dense product is obtained

The grape syrup obtained in this way contains no preservatives, thickeners or caramel and has a sweet, characteristic flavour that makes it ideal to accompany polenta, medium-aged cheeses, biscuits, yoghurt, ice cream and panna cotta.


• in Italia sopra i €50
• in Europa sopra i €150

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I materiali che usiamo sono:

• Tappo versatore in plastica raccolta plasticaLDPE04

• Tappo in plastica PP05 raccolta plastica

• Capsula C/PVC90 raccolta plastica

• Bottiglia in vetro GL70 raccolta vetro

• Etichetta PAP22 raccolta carta

• Tubo portabottiglia raccolta carta.

• Tappo sughero raccolta organico

• Tappo dosatore raccolta plastica.


We recommend using it instead of honey, in yoghurt and on ricotta. With spoon desserts and fruit, but also with mature cheeses

Very syrupy consistency, caramelised aroma and shiny, dark brown colour.

100% cooked must

2% acidity

Approx. 70°brix

it is recommended to store it in the fridge once opened

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Dimensions 15,5 × 7 × 7 cm