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GIARETO Reserve vinegar 250ml

GIARETO Reserve vinegar 250ml

15,00  Vat non included

Our GIARETO vinegar from the Reserve collection is characterized by a light, freshness and pronounced tanginess to the palate. Although the least refined in the RESERVE collection, it is born from the same process we use for our Traditional Balsamic Vinegar with grapes exclusive to the local territory and fermented and concentrated over time. Traditionally aged in oak, chestnut, cherry, mulberry and juniper wood barrels.

Suitable for enhancing carpaccio, raw vegetables and mixed salads and ideal for adding at the end of cooking to flavor shellfish, white and red meats.



Artisan vinegar of the highest quality, 100% NATURAL, with no added preservatives, colouring or sugar.

Available in apothecary bottles of 250ml and 100ml.

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