TBV of Reggio Emilia (Traditional Balsamic Vinegar)

TBV: Traditional Balsamic Vinegar

(TBV is the translation for the Italian word "ABT": Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale)

Reggio Emilia's TBV/ABT is an extraordinary Italian food supplement. Mature, dark brown, thick, clear and bright, is an experience for the palate, a bittersweet triumph for taste. If once the balsamic was prized for its medicinal properties, now its use is increasingly linked to gourmets and enrichment of dishes of the highest quality.

Reggio Emilia's ABT Balsamic Vinegars

The Reggio Emilia Consortium classifies the balsamic vinegar in categories of quality due to the results of tasting. The score obtained is in strict relationship with the aging of the product, that make s it less vinegarish and more balsamic.

It is classified on three categories with a respective seal:

  • ABT/TBV Lobster: is the most acetic. Suitable for seasoning, perfect with shellfish and crustaceans.
  • ABT/TBV Silver: balsamic vinegar with a sweet and full taste, ideal for pasta dishes and sauces.
  • ABT/TBV Gold: precious balm, to use raw for meditation after meals, never use as a seasoning.

DOP (PDO) Balsamic Vinegars

In Italy and in European Union the Protected designation of origin is the name of an area, a specific place or, in exceptional cases, the name of a country, used as a designation for an agricultural product or a foodstuff,

  • which comes from such an area, place or country,
  • whose quality or properties are significantly or exclusively determined by the geographical environment, including natural and human factors,
  • whose production, processing and preparation takes place within the determined geographical area.

In other words, to receive the PDO status, the entire product must be traditionally and entirely manufactured (prepared, processed AND produced) within the specific region and thus acquire unique properties. [from wikipedia]

In UE the name Traditional Balsamic Vinegar (In Italy "Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale") itself cannot be used except for PDO products.