Silver stamp Traditional Balsamic Vinegar


Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia Silver Seal

Ampoule of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Silver

Ampoule of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Silver Seal. The wax seal is affixed only by the Reggio Emilia's Consortium after the tasting.

Reggio Emilia's ABT Silver stamp has different characteristics because it's more refined, is less used in cooking and its taste results more soft and sweet than Lobster Stamp.

Its round taste make it suitable for pasta dishes, soufflés and risotto, with a very short cooking. Is great if used raw on mayonnaise and sauces.

Magical balance of flavor and aroma.

The masters look for the perfect combination between a very slight acetic acidity and a plenty balsamic taste.

Indeed the Silver balsamic vinegar is, among the range of vinegars, the one that combines better the characteristics of vinegar and balm.

Montericco's speciality

The Tradition of Montericco makes this balsamic vinegar even more special. Montericco's castle locates in a valley with an unique climate in Reggio Emilia's province: in the past, between hedges of hornbeam and oak, was cultivated the olive tree and gathered fine wild asparagus.

The special climate, with a never too hard winter, together with the masters' experience unique perfumes and flaors to Montericco's balsamic Vinegar.


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Approfondimento sulle caratteristiche degli aceti balsamici tradizionali Argento prodotti a Montericco nell'acetaia. (provincia di Reggio Emilia)