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Tradition and design, the Montericco's shop

The balsamic vinegar is a precious commodity, reserved for those who are rich in taste. But it is also a pure concentrate of sensory delights that adds personality just with few drops.

  • All of our balsamic vinegars and food dressings are made ​​using traditional and natural methods, with the use of only one ingredient: the cooked grape must.
  • We offer special packages, inspired by the world of fashion design
Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Italy

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar PDO (DOP)

Suggested for those who love the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia. Is produced in Montericco in three different types: Lobster, Silver and Gold, certified by ABT Consortium.

Balsamic vinegar for Organic Food Dressing

Organic Food Dressing od Montericco

Vinegar to season completely organic, made with only one ingredient (cooked grape must) with the same aging process of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, tasted by the masters of Montericco.


Cool gift packs

They are made on measure to make the product even more special and customized. A gift of good taste always appreciated.

bomboniere with balsamic Vinegar

Wedding favors (bomboniere) with balsamic vinegar

Favor of design, unique gifts dressed in an elegant way for making a perfect ceremony with the magic balsamic elixir of Montericco.

How to buy the Balsamic Vinegar of Montericco

You can contact us in the manner you prefer listed below:

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