Gold seal: Traditional balsamic vinegar of Reggio Emilia for meditation

traditional balsamic vinegar gold of reggio emilia

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia Gold Seal

Packaging of Balsamic Vinegar Gold seal

Special packaging of Balsamic Vinegar Gold Stamp by Acetaia di Montericco.

The Reggio Emilia's TBV-ABT Gold Seal is not used for seasoning, but exclusively to taste raw after meals

It is an extraordinary simple but at the same time complex balsamic vinegar, rich of perfumes and harmony, with more sweet than sour scents, fresh, noble and with a persuasive taste.

This golden balsam is suitable in combination with strong-tasted and spicy cheeses, for fruit salads with berries and cherries, ice creams, panettone and strudel. Is an after meal elixir.

Balsamic vinegar for meditation

Taste a few drops of the Gold balsamic Vinegar is like a spell. It evokes the decades passed in barrels in which alcoholic and acetic fermentation have distilled the essence of this product. You can relive in a past when balsamic vinegar was considered a medicine, an elixir, a balm distributed democratically to queens and courtiers.

Peculiarities of Acetaia di Montericco

The Acetaia 176 is located in the village of Montericco's Castle, in the province of Reggio Emilia. A special place for its climate and landscape, between hedges of hawthorn that bloom in spring and vineyards that turn the hills to red.

A place to visit, a fragment of nature where the masters of Montericco pursue with slowness the myth of the balsamic vinegar passed by Canossa.


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Scheda del gusto dell'aceto balsamico di Reggio nell'Emilia tradizionale sigillo oro prodotto dall'Acetaia di Montericco.