Il Giareto / Gravel hill


Condimento di Montericco Giareto

Giareto is a hill close to Montericco. The name Giareto means gravel land or gravel hill.

balsamic vinegar of  Montericco Giareto

Summer pakaging of Food Dressing of Montericco Giareto. Balsamic Vinegar dressed!

Montericco's dressing Giareto

The Giareto dressing is less aged in wooden barrels, as to make a product that is appreciated for its strong acidity, which turns out to perfect use as a condiment in dips and marinades as it enhances the flavor even of more simple dishes.

Like a balsamic vinegar

This condiment is produced exclusively using grape must from the province of Reggio Emilia. It 'made ​​by a process similar to that of traditional balsamic vinegar from which it differs in aging time and taste.

Try it in the recipe tuna with balsamic vinegar.


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Scheda del gusto del condimento dell'acetaia tradizionale di Montericco Giareto.

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