Castello / Castle

balsamic dressing castello
vinegar dressing montericco castello

Condimento di Montericco Castello con confezione vestita.

Montericco's dressing Castello

Castello means "Castle". Castello is the name of the hamlet where Acetaia is, it includes, in fact, the Castle of Montericco.

The Castello dressing is the most aged thus achieving a remarkable organoleptic richness. Dark brown and shiny, thick and syrupy-looking is the one of the three dressins that is closest to the richness of the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar. Great to use in few drops over the risotto, souffles and desserts, is to avoid long cooking in order not to lose the flavor.

Delicacy of the castle

As in the myth of balsamic vinegar of Canossa, in the village of the caastle are prepared elixirs and balms for princes travelers. In this case, the castle of inspiration is Montericco, a special place that we invite you to visit, where you can still find the original story and the naturalness of Emilia.


This dressing is made exclusively with cooked grape must of Reggio Emilia's province. It's made by a process similar to that of traditional balsamic vinegar, the only difference is the duration of aging.


(830 Kb)

Scheda del gusto del condimento di Montericco Castello.

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