Natural & Balsamic Vin for Food Dressing of Montericco

basamic vinegar for dressing of montericco

Dressing is not balsamic vinegar

But is a very close relative. In fact it is realized with the same ingredients and procedures of traditional balsamic vinegar, except for the aging time and the tasting, made by the masters of Montericco. It owns most of the qualities of his noble relative, first of all the presence of only one ingredient:

  • just cooked must of native grapes.

But it's completely natural!

Montericco's dressing is realized for those who want a superior quality balsamic vinegar to season, completely natural, without preservatives, sweeteners and any other ingredient added that is not the grape must. Is suitable for everyday use, for those who like to season salads and boiled vegetables with balsamic vinegar.

balsamic vin food dressing of montericco

No other ingredients than grape must.

The three dressings of Montericco

The Acetaia di Montericco offers three different quality dressings that take name from the historic locations of Montericco.

Castello is the most aged and dense and thus the most sweet and full of fragrance and flavor. For use in small doses over a spicy and tasty cheese but it's also great to pair with desserts.

C del vento has a lower concentration but still has a certain density and acidity. Ideal for seasoning both raw and cooked dishes

Giareto is the most vinegarish. The scent is simple and delicate with a pleasantly intense acidity, making it ideal for dips, salads and marinades.

The dressings are available in sizes from 100 ml to 250 ml and presented in two versions, a fall / winter one and spring / summer one.

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Approfondimento sul condimento e gli Aceti Balsamici di Montericco.