Cą del vento / Wind house

balsamic vinegar ca del vento

Montericco's dressing Cą del Vento

Cą del vento means "Wind House", it is a place in Montericco near Acetaia 176.

The Cą del Vento dressing has aged several years in wooden barrels of different essences, that give it a unique flavor and a higher concentration. It has a more intense aroma instead of Giareto, with sweetness that covers the acidity. Is great in sauces for boiled meat and fish and to flavor meat dishes.

Natural ingredients of Cą del Vento

This dressing is made exclusively with cooked grape must of Reggio Emilia's province. It's made by a process similar to that of traditional balsamic vinegar.


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Scheda del gusto del condimento di Montericco Cą del Vento.

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