Acetaia di Montericco, In the navel of Emilia

landscape from acetaia di montericco

Located in the magic navel of Emilia, Acetaia di Montericco offers balsamic products to those who love nature.

The traditional “Acetaia 176 di Montericco”

Located in the navel of Emilia, between the provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Acetaia 176 of Montericco uses only musts from the hills of Albinea, Scandiano and Canossa to offer a truly traditional and natural product.

The long maturation of balsamic vinegar occurs for a long period of time, never under 12 years, in wood barrels of different essences, arranged in sets, alternating alcoholic fermentation, acetic oxidation and the aromatic aging process. Are used barrels of oak, chestnut, mulberry, wild cherry, ash, locust-tree and juniper, each of which gives a special flavor to the product that will be so unique in the Acetaia. Modena is not far from here, Canossa is two valleys far. You can breath the air of tradition.

interior of acetaia di Montericco

View of the interior of the Acetaia di Montericco.

The acetaia is located in the attic of a house in the historic village of the Castle of Montericco. The unique climate of this place, with cold winters and hot summers, is an integral part of the maturation process of balsamic vinegar.

The Acetaia 176 di Montericco offers all the three qualities of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, Lobster,, Silver, and Gold Stamp.

Taste of Emilia and Matilde's tradition

The production of traditional balsamic vinegar is made exclusively in the ancient village of Montericco, Albinea, in the province of Reggio Emilia, near the castle which dominates the entire valleyof Po river and from which, in the days of good weather, we see clearly the profile of the Alps, the same crossed many centuries ago by emperors and kings, merchants and simple travelers who over time have spread the fame of this jewel of taste.

The grape must, cooked by direct heat, come from pressing the grapes, traditionally cultivated in the province of Reggio Emilia.

The ancient legend says that balsamic vinegar was invented only a short distance from here, at the court of Matilde of Canossa and then spread in the land of Reggio Emilia and Modena.

ancient map of emilian hills

Montericco hill, represented in an ancient map of the territory

Natural Balsamic Vinegar

We strive for our products to be as healthy, traditional and natural as possible.

Natural Balsamic Vinegar for us means:

  • use of musts from local vineyards in the hills;
  • no added ingredients for even the seasonings, that are produced exclusively with cooked and aged grape must;
  • the acetaia is a natural place: away from the city, is located in the hills of Montericco in a historic house in the village of the castle (the photo at the beginning of the page is a view from the acetaia);
  • we are not interested in any way to quantity in the production. The natural balsamic vinegar is a valuable product, that has to be used in small quantities.